by Sabretung

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All music and lyrics Sabretung © 2009
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8 also Matt Graham

Produced by Sabretung

Recorded by Phillip Sawyers at Bootleg Studios 2009

Engineered by Phillip Sawyers and Doug Murray, assisted by Ryan Mayo and Rohan Macdonald

Mixed by Doug Murray

Mastered by Ryan Mayo

Barbarian artwork by Raul Gonzales, logo and layout by Doug Murray


released March 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Sabretung Newcastle, Australia

We have decided to disband. We may return one day or we may not. It's been a privilege and we'd like to thank each and everyone who has supported us over the years. We also must thank Matt, Ty and Dan for their contributions.

Further sales of the remaining stock of Collision and other merch can be organised through our personal facebook pages.

Stay heavy,

Doug, Yates, Mick & Jangles.
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Track Name: Suicide Terror
Through the sands of Middle East
There which lurks the beast
There he takes control

Protect his homeland to the death
He’ll take away their breath
Taking young and old

Feel the pain once again be afraid
Fatal blow blood will flow you will know
Fuelled by hate it’s too late seal your fate
Victimise terrorise suicide

Within their enemy they hide
Spreading fear inside
Preparing for attack

They will say their final prayer
And kill without a care
There is no turning back

All screaming die die die die

Consumed by fire they will be
Suffering defeat
They won’t have their way

Dead they fall upon the ground
Making not a sound
They are gone today
Track Name: Total Conquest
War is in our veins
We shall bring the pain
With weapons held high
There’s nowhere to hide

We sail without fear
Killing time is near
Odin he has blessed
Our total conquest

There is no escape
Now make no mistake
Blood-soaked on the ground
That’s where you’ll be found

Furious and strong
At war we belong
Odin he has blessed
Our total conquest

Lightning cracks the sky
Mighty Thor
Hear your roar
Time to die


Unstoppable force
Kill without remorse
Cowards run away
Never fight again

Now it’s far too late
And Valhalla waits
Odin he has blessed
Our total Conquest

And then there’s nothing
You’re left with hatred
Confide in no one
You’re on your own

Our hearts are frozen
It’s you we’ve chosen
Your end is nigh
Sound the battle cry

Sound the battle cry
Now it’s time to fight
Thunder in the sky
Cleansing genocide
Track Name: The Thing
Frozen for an age
Thawed and now we feel its rage
A biological disgrace
When will this all end
I can’t tell who’s foe or friend
Causing immense pain
This thing it drives us insane

Can’t explain or contain
The thing flows through your veins

There is no escape
All our forms it duplicates
Test of heat will show
Just what is already known
History repeats
If it freezes back to sleep
It cannot remain
This thing it will rise again
Track Name: Army of Dead
This army kills upon command
Rifle by side grenade in hand
Lay waste to life across the land
A power that you can’t withstand

Up from the ground they shall arise
The time has come to claim their prize
Their victory is your demise
With fire and steel they shall baptise

No escape panic wide-spread
No escape army of dead

The smell of blood is in the air
The sound of screaming everywhere
You shall be left without a prayer
Your world shattered beyond repair

An evil darkness blacks the sky
Now it is time to say goodbye
They’ll hang you up and bleed you dry
Watching you quake before you die
Track Name: Chainsaws
Never will you see what’s up here
It is locked inside
Just to see you feel would be a journey

So why no heart inside
Fly high forever then die

Give it time and you will be fine
It is time to live
If I cry it does not mean I’m hurting

So why no heart inside
Fly high and never ask why

A black weakness you hide
Can’t escape the fear inside
The truth within me
The only way

For no longer now I’m stronger
Time will never heal
No debate won’t hesitate wait for my call

So what have I become
Finished forever we’re done
Track Name: Barbarian
I will crush all in my quest
Conquer the world I won’t rest
Your eyes are filled with tears
All I see is fear

I will achieve the impossible
I will become undefeatable
I will fully be unstoppable

I’m the death-bringer
I’m the destroyer


The world trembles at my name
It never will be the same
I rule with iron-fist
No one will resist
Track Name: Bloodlust
I have feasted many times
I am reviled for my crimes
A monster locked in a cage
Filled with unstoppable rage

A mind that comes straight from Hell
A passion that I won’t quell
Unmatchable intellect
Now I prepare to dissect

I have the taste for human flesh
My lust for blood is relentless

Now you are under my spell
And you’ll do as I tell
I will strike fear in your heart
And I will rip you apart

An unexpected attack
And now there’s no turning back
Now I will make my escape
Hacking the skin from your face

Now I’m coming for you
There’s nothing you can do
Track Name: For the Term of His Natural Life
Track Name: Eliminate the Weak
Too smart to fall
Too brave to hide
Answer the call
To make what’s right

Always training
All day all night
Always craving
The skill to fight

Your mind is numb
Weapon in hand
The time has come
You must stand up to fight, to die

Look deep in your soul
Hatred in control
We will hunt and seek
Eliminate the weak

No compassion
The only way
Known assassin
When pushed will slay

Always waiting
For the command
He must stand

Barren wasteland
Stench of defeat
Blood on your hands
There’s no retreat

What you have done
It’s all been planned
Nowhere to run
You must stand up to fight, to die