The Price is Pain

by Sabretung

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Recorded prior to Tyler joining. Features original guitarist Matt Graham


released October 30, 2006

Produced by Doug Murray
Additional production by Chris Kilkelly and Matt Graham

Engineered and mixed by Doug Murray and Chris Kilkelly

Mastered by Chris Kilkelly

Front cover design by Doug Murray
Photography by Jess Murray



all rights reserved


Sabretung Newcastle, Australia

We have decided to disband. We may return one day or we may not. It's been a privilege and we'd like to thank each and everyone who has supported us over the years. We also must thank Matt, Ty and Dan for their contributions.

Further sales of the remaining stock of Collision and other merch can be organised through our personal facebook pages.

Stay heavy,

Doug, Yates, Mick & Jangles.
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Track Name: Suicide Terror
Through the sands of Middle East
There which lurks the beast
There he takes control

Protect his homeland to the death
He'll take away their breath
Taking young and old

Feel the pain
Once again
Be afraid

Fatal blow
Blood will flow
You will know

Fuelled by hate
It's too late
Seal your fate


Within their enemy they hide
Spreading fear inside
Preparing for attack

They Will say their final prayer
And kill without a care
There is no turning back

All screaming die die die die

Consumed by fire they will be
Suffering defeat
They won't have their way

Dead they fall upon the ground
Making not a sound
They are gone today
Track Name: Humanity's Reality
Society the battle rages
For you and me and everyone

We have come so far
But what have we become

When a brother falls down
You don't even care

You turn around and walk away
Pretend that he's not there


Damned they stand imprisoned
Inside of their own mind

All they wish is to escape
From the nightmare that's inside

Always they are looking
For a peace they cannot find

Their cries for help go unheard
By the deaf ears of mankind
Track Name: The Price is Pain
I don't care
What you say
It will be
My own way

You can run
You can hide
How you'll pay
I'll decide

I will hunt
I will find
You will see
I'm not kind

What was yours
Now is mine
Now it is
Pay up time

You are too late
You're a disgrace
I have to make up
For all your mistakes

Pay me the price
For all of my shame
Pay me the price
And the Price is pain

You won't talk
You're not scared
Call for help
No one's there

Tie you down
Make you scream
Make you burn
Make you bleed

Break your bones
Break your heart
As your life
Comes apart

You will talk
You'll confess
Then you will
Pray for death
Track Name: No More Lies
I can see
The lies you're feeding me
Push too far
I'll bite the hand that feeds

Slaves to you
We do as we are told
Hide the truth
That's being bought and sold

Rise for the god of the people
The good of all mankind

Rise for the nation
The silence robs them blind

Rise for the freedom of speaking
This freedom is our right

Rise and gear us screaming
No more lies

Hear our voice
From the underground
Hear the noise
A devastating sound

We stand tall
Above your wicked ways
You will fall
You live on numbered days