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Scumbag Traditional thrash the way we love it - loud, fast and full of energy!! This is something you can listen to over and over without getting tired of it. To my ears the most obvious comparison is Death Angel, but in addition if you like Whiplash, Exodus, Testament, Megadeth, etc, you really oughta give Sabretung a listen!! Favorite track: Sadistic and Merciless.
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Corz Munky Really dig the production on this album! Favorite track: Deadline.
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Sabretung's second full length album and the final to feature the talents of Daniel McInnes and Tyler Purvis.


released December 1, 2012

Copyright (c) Sabretung 2012

Produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ryan Huthnance at Emissary Studios 2012



all rights reserved


Sabretung Newcastle, Australia

We have decided to disband. We may return one day or we may not. It's been a privilege and we'd like to thank each and everyone who has supported us over the years. We also must thank Matt, Ty and Dan for their contributions.

Further sales of the remaining stock of Collision and other merch can be organised through our personal facebook pages.

Stay heavy,

Doug, Yates, Mick & Jangles.
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Track Name: An Offer of False Hope
Track Name: Deadline
A mile to go
Is a mile to see
This day is dark
Painful for me

Help me I’m stuck
I want to bleed
I’m out of luck
It’s ending you see

What’s inside my brain
It’s driving me insane
I cannot stand the pain

I mile to go
Easy for two
The demon looked up
Attached itself to you

Take your last breath
I see you know
Bring on death
The demon arose

What’s inside that brain
Nobody is to blame
You left us all in pain

He’s a memory now it’s not fake
I hope I don’t make the same stupid mistake
I’m caught in a trend that I cannot break

Haunting me now for the rest of my days
Killing me now in a million different ways
Like every other slave
You’re lying in a grave

Kill yourself today
It won’t change the way
You fall into your grave
I won’t be afraid
Track Name: Collision
Fires below arise
To meet the surface as cells collide

Resounding dissonance in the mind
This friction will be our demise

Try not to come undone
Meanwhile the moon battles the sun

I am calling
There’s no response
Whole world falling
Unheard renaissance

In a place without hope
In a place that's haunted by fear
You know that I won’t suffocate
I’ll be right

In a place without hope
In a place that's haunted by dreams
You know that I won’t run away
I’ll be right here

I’m drenched in human blood
I’m an enigma I’m not your drug

Ignite the sky
Track Name: Sadistic and Merciless
I am not known as an innocent man
As you can see by the blood on my hands
Forfeit your rights and your place now you’re dead
Taking your life and the crown from your head

Your screams are music to my ears
And now the end draws ever near

All that I see I shall claim I shall own
Now that your kingdom has been overthrown
Chaos will reign whilst I’m in command
I was put here to conquer the land

Your screams are music to my ears
And now the end draws ever near
Sadistic and merciless
Now you will see me at my worst

I own you now
Die for me now

There’s no escape
Nowhere to hide
The end has come
For all man-kind
Track Name: Endless Winter
Nothing remains the screams smothered by silence
Dawn of new days as blinded eyes look toward dusk
Nothing remains our flesh burnt to a cinder
Dawn of new days with blinded eyes bare witness

Choking shroud of sulphur raining ash from above
All have fallen victim to this endless winter

The wind and the rain snuffs the life from the embers
Tearing away the dying hope of the hopeless
Beyond our disdain no prayers for the departed
A silent refrain as words wither inside us

Suffocation devastation
Awaiting annihilation
You will suffer untold horror
You shall enter endless winter

Migrate beyond nothing remains
Ashes and dust mark the graves
Migrate beyond nothing remains
Devoid of devoid of life it all decays

Barren terrain all roads leading to nowhere
From vulture to pray your dreams have become a nightmare
Never again will the light of day shine upon us
Never again will the sun rise from the darkness

Migrate beyond this mortal cage
Freed from life the boundless mind returns to the void
From which it came
Track Name: The Return (Enthroned)
I want to feel alive again
Hard times drag me to hell and back
I think about it now and then
It's empathy that I lack

I dream of the day it all ends
It's getting harder to go on
I’ve done a lot in my defence
The days are dark the nights are long

The more I take the law into my hands I feel alive
I’m sure it cuts away at my will to survive
Inside I'm like a child left in the wild
My future’s unsure
You must have faith
The streets are safe until I fall

My hands are wrapped around your throat
I have become what I fear most
I've come to own everything
But I feel nothing
Track Name: Martyr
I walk down the lonely road to nowhere
I'm hearing voices passing choices without care
I’m losing senses
They must be with my will to dream
Don’t like my chances
When nothing is what it seems

I try to hate you for this
I'm climbing up the walls
Then comes the day I'm fearing
The day my kingdom falls

My heart aches with every step that I move
I’m running on hatred and have nothing left to prove
I crave the answers
To what is scratching at my soul
I feel your glances
Give back the man stole

It is untrue
Now my soul be longs to you
No no no
I’ll take the fall
Just as long as it kills you all
Track Name: Hedonistic and Merciless
State of the world in the palm of my hand
About to issue my first command
Be silent it's my turn to speak
For or against I'm about to decree
To all the places you think you could go
And all the people who you think you know
Travel to lands both near and far
Spread this poisonous dogma

No one will stand with you
If my designs are not seen through
To those who question I will decide
What is truth and what is lies
A state of insanity
Broadcast on network TV
Render all help obsolete
Watch the poor beg on the street

I'm the one who runs the show
I decide which way we will go
I'll never be overthrown
All that is is all I own

Answer any question I ask
You will complete every task
You will agree with me
When I state how it is to be
If you interfere with my affairs
You'll never ascend from despair
The people will learn
I'll not stop 'til my purpose is served

What I tell you is what's to be known
I determine which seeds will be sown
Peasants hang on my every word
Robbing them all of what they deserve
A life of pain and misery
They hail it as a victory
All you earn is what I require
Feed my hedonistic desire